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January 24, 2013

Crooked River Lighthouse

Crooked River Lighthouse is wrapping up our Return of the Wash House project and it looks as though the old structure never left the site.  Remaining tasks for the outbuilding are a bit of exterior trim, an authentic period style lock (and additional means of safely securing the building.)
My plans to create an experience room inside are currently halted; the beat up old shed has made such a beautiful transformation that I'd hate to alter it in a way that would hide its original appearance. The final touch for the Wash House, the interpretive information panels,  are being researched and designed.

Our future "Wish List" includes more roadside visibility for the lighthouse, more additions to the original appearance of the station, landscaping, and plans for the next painting of the tower. Future programming ideas include organizing more class visits, another season of outdoor nautical themed movies, an invitation for community theater productions on our Wooden Ship Stage. We will be making additions to our collection in the way of more historic information panels and exhibits and also hope to acquire a keeper's uniform and authentic keeper’s tools. We have filled in most of the gaps in our historic roster of keepers and will have a finished timeline completed this year.

And as a matter of course, continued strategies for borrowing our original lens from the Coast Guard.

01/24/13, 11:47 AM