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Crooked River Lighthouse Presents “1766: Shipwrecked on Dog Island.”

A fascinating ancient story and the “signature” play of Carrabelle

Carrabelle Lighthouse Association is presenting the first indoor performance of the maritime heritage play, “1766: Shipwrecked on Dog Island” on Friday, May 26 and Saturday, May 27 at 7 pm in the historic, art deco Chapman Theater in Apalachicola. Tickets are $15 and children 15 yrs old and under are free with an adult. Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance at Crooked River Lighthouse, Carrabelle History Museum, or Carrabelle Junction. All proceeds of the play will benefit the Crooked River Lighthouse and important projects like rebuilding the playground ship, The Carrabella.

The production is based on a well-documented event lived by a group of French merchants while traveling from Haiti to New Orleans. Their ship "Le Tigre" was destroyed in a hurricane as they were passing Dog Island. Few remained alive, but those who did dealt with the hostile elements of the Forgotten Coast wilderness. The survivor's account tells of frightening nocturnal beasts and describes their own ultimate appearance as "unrecognizable as humans". Being lost in the deep forest for 81 days would be an unthinkable hardship, be it 2017 or 1766. But the strongest survive, and desperate times can mean desperate acts.

This exciting historic tale has a great cast of characters portrayed by talented actors who have performed in many local productions. River Sheridan, the 11 year old actor who stole the show last fall at an outdoor performance of the play at Lantern Fest, is returning to the delight of many.

This amazing true tale was first adapted into a play by Caroline llardi and Don Denig for the very first Lantern Fest in 2009. In 2016 Don Denig (who performed as a zombie for three seasons on the Walking Dead) took the play in a new direction with more historical content and further character development. This authentic tale was originally discovered and extensively researched by Professor Robin Fabel of Auburn University in the files of the Library of Congress.  

Everyone is invited to support the Crooked River Lighthouse by attending these benefit performances. Many locals may recall the terrible fire that destroyed the playground ship, The Carrabella, a favorite feature of the lighthouse park. Through donations and gifts, the Crooked River Lighthouse is closing in on the goal of replacing the ship. The hope is that this benefit will generate the remaining funds needed. Any additional money raised will go towards the next need - repainting the 103 foot tower. Help preserve this local maritime landmark and learn about what happened on Dog Island and along Carrabelle’s coast two and a half centuries ago. Thanks to the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs and Franklin County Tourist Development Council for making this possible. For more information contact the Crooked River Lighthouse at 850-697-2732 or

Content note: Thematic elements of the play may not be suitable for young children.  

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