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Pirates capture the Crooked River Lighthouse

"There be PIRATES here!
Laurel Newman reported:  On Saturday, January 18, the good ship Carrabella in the Crooked River Lighthouse Park in Carrabelle was captured by a band of pirates, a.k.a. the Capital Chordsmen’s Barbershop Harmony Chorus .
Members of the group, in full pirate regalia, (think “Pirates of the Caribbean”) were on site to shoot promotional stills for their upcoming presentation of “Heigh Ho – It’s a Barbershop Harmony Show” at Tallahassee Community College Turner Auditorium on Saturday, June 14.
The Chordsmen were enjoying their roles as pirates, and a chorus of “Aaargh!” was frequently heard echoing from the ship’s deck during the shoot.
Before leaving for their return to Tallahassee, the group formed up on the lighthouse steps and treated Lighthouse Museum staffers to a harmonized rendition of “Shine on Me.”
And a fine tune it was, mates."

I hope there will be photos to follow!!

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