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4th Annual Coastal Blessing

Crooked River Lighthouse Annual Coastal Blessing

The Power of Prayer
Crooked River Lighthouse has established its own tradition; every Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we invite our local Carrabelle clergy to climb the lighthouse tower and  bestow a blessing and present a plea for a safe hurricane season. Although attendance is usually just a few folks, the Lighthouse Board agrees that we have to keep this event going, since it seems to be working!  We aren't going to take any chances so here we are announcing our 4th annual Coastal Blessing at 3 pm on Sunday May 26th.
It's awesome looking out from the top of the tower and a visitor once said they felt closer to heaven up there.
Realizing the lighthouse is the highest point in Franklin County we agreed to that notion, and whether you believe 
that heaven is way up in the sky or simply in the souls of every being, it feels good to share a blessing for the coast from a very high pulpit.
We patiently carry our portable sound system to the top of the tower - and play Beethoven's pastorale over the tops of the pines and out to the gulf. 
Preachers and priests from various religious organizations are given 3- 5 minutes each to share a prayer, and the ceremony is brief but meaningful. Refreshments follow in the Keeper's House Museum. I personally hope to one day see a big crowd of people attending,  of all types of faiths, sharing the same heart- felt intention: Mother Nature, please spare us your wrath for another year. 
Please leave a message for Joan Matey at the Crooked River Lighthouse 850-697-2732, if you represent a church community in our area and would like to participate. 

Joan Matey

Curator/Program Director

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