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Just Another Day on the Job

Just Another Day on the Job
By Laurel Newman
It was just another day of handyman work for Jimmy Dennig, as he unloaded his pressure washer and cleaned the exterior of the Crooked River Lighthouse Keeper’s House Museum near Carrabelle Beach.
“I washed the house, and the deck,” he said, “and went over the walk path, too.”
Dennig was packing up his equipment when the departure from an ordinary day occurred.
“I was rolling up the hoses,” he said, “and I felt a firm pat on my shoulder. Boy, I liked to have jumped a mile. I spun around to see who was there, but nobody was there. “
Reflecting on the odd experience, Dennig said, “It wasn’t really frightening; I sort of got a feeling of approval, like maybe one of the keepers was patting me on the back and saying ’Good job’.
No other unusual happenings have come to the attention of members of the Carrabelle Lighthouse Association , who administer the Keepers’ House Museum, although footsteps have been heard on the porch late in the afternoons.
If you want reliable, conscientious work done, hopefully minus the unexplained visitation, you can reach J&K Services at 697-2703.

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