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US Lighthouse Society visits the Crooked River Lighthouse

CLA volunteers welcomed the US Lighthouse Society on Sunday, April 10.  The tour bus arrived on time and lighthouse enthusiasts from all over the country disembarked to take advantage of the photo opportunity.  Then they counted-off into smaller groups to climb the lighthouse or visit the museum.  You could tell they were used to the very organized drill.  This was actually the second time the organization has visited CRL.  The first being soon after the grand opening of the museum and gift shop in 2009.  A few of the members were on this return trip, but for most it was their first visit. 

Much praise went to the City of Carrabelle and the CLA for  the continuing dedication to the park.  Many thanks were expressed for the great lunch provided by Ron at the Carrabelle Junction Sandwich Shop.

We wish them well as they continue on their lighthouse journey and hope they return in the future.

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