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Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

L to R: The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Volunteer Guide in the Lantern Room shares the history of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse restoration with Maryann Shields and Arlene Oehler.

Arlene Oehler, Barbara Revell, Maryann Shields, Debbie Kent and Mary Katzer, members of the Carrabelle Lighthouse Association, attended the Florida Lighthouse Association Meeting recently held at Ponce Inlet, Florida.. During the business meeting, members approved a strategic plan for the organization which emphasized the sale of the Florida Lighthouse Association license plate, Save Our Lights. In order to keep the specialty license plate available, 1000 have to be sold during the first year. The additional $25 for the specialty plate, which is tax deductible, will provide sustained funding for the remaining 30 historic lighthouses in Florida. FLA will allocate the finds to the lighthouses through a grant process. Because FLA is an all-volunteer organization, all but the funds needed for marketing the plate will go to lighthouse preservation. Legislation creating the specialty plate was co-sponsored in the Florida House of Representatives by former District 10 Rep. Will Kendrick and signed into law by Gov. Charlie Crist earlier this year.

The highlight of the meeting was a trip to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and Park. Participants were able to climb the lighthouse at night. The Ponce Inlet 1933 rotating third order Lens has been completely restored by the Lens restoration team and was returned to active service in the tower in 2004. The station is a private aid to navigation and a National Historical Landmark. The lighthouse is the tallest in Florida and the second tallest in the nation.

The Ayres Davies Lens Exhibit Building on the grounds was begun in 1994 and completed in 1995. It houses one of the finest collections of restored Fresnel lenses in the world, including the rotating first order Fresnel Lens from the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse which was restored and put on display in 1995 and the newly restored Ponce Inlet Lighthouse first order Fresnel lens which was restored and put on display in 2003. The museum curator, Ellen Henry, described Fresnel lens restoration in a power point presentation.


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